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    re: here we go///gregy hi gregy,

    you seam to have a lot of intrest in Q.V.L.
    so here my two bob's worth,
    [ chart's ] there is abullish divergance going on at the moment,but caution is still needed in my view,as the RSI still has some down side left in it , this stock is right at the point were it can go either way as far as the trend lines are concerned.

    it need's some positive new's in my view, but the problem here is it has nothing to offer at the moment except some very positive new's , that is second hand in my view.

    but haveing said that, we have had the time to look at there prospective, and it is very impressive.

    just to ad a bit more to it, the other day as a truck owner and driver i did a deliver here in perth to a place in gibberd street balcatta and as i waited for the truck to be unloaded i came across a place that had a sign out front, [ CUSTOMVIS ]

    i thourght, "no it could not be"

    so i went over to take a look, and it was one and the same,the parent company to Q.V.L.
    so i went in and ask a few question's,and all i can say is that they were very weary of me,and very hush hush about it all,a lot of car's in the car park,and it appeared like there was a far bit of security around the place,
    so i have to ask my self,what are they hideing.

    but i did find out that they are building some sort of laser for eye treatment,
    but of course we all ready know this//and more dont we.
    all in all it was a waist of time for me but i did manage to get a card,so all that is left is to give them a call.

    but keep watching i am
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