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    If you think Flim Flam was bad ...this One-Nutter is nuts !!

    Australia needs drastic economic reform to avoid a future where it could be forced to resettle large populations of climate refugees from the Pacific and the food bowl of the Murray Darling Basin could be decimated.

    That is the view of the United Nations’ top climate official, Simon Stiell, who spoke exclusively to this masthead following a meeting last week with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen...

    Stiell said Australia has more to gain and more to lose than most nations and therefore had a responsibility to help lead a global effort to decarbonise its economies and unlock the trillions of dollars needed to prepare for climate impacts.

    It is Australia which will be the front and centre in resettling entire national populations [if climate targets are not met],” said Stiell, who has served as the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change since August 2022.

    “Just to give you a very practical example, right here in Australia the Murray Darling food basin will be decimated. Folks think food prices at the checkout are bad now. They ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Entire island nations neighbouring Australia will also be wiped out, and it is Australia which will be the front and centre in resettling entire national populations.

    He said the decarbonisation of the global economy was now inevitable and would be the greatest economic transformation of our time, and an economic boon to nations that positioned themselves to take advantage of it.

    But he acknowledged the costs would also be staggering. In a recent speech in Baku in Azerbaijan, where the next global climate talks will be held, he said that by one estimate $US2.4 trillion needed to be invested each year in renewable energy, adaptation, and other climate-related issues in developing countries excluding China.

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