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    re: here comes packer (facts=actual shareholdings) Hi Deathplunge,

    One last post of relevance to this matter.

    Firstly, PBL's claim to 562M shares is due to its deemed association with both TEN and with the ANZ.

    In actual fact, TEN is (and remains) the largest individual shareholder in TMS.

    Currently, TEN holds 232.3M shares (24.32%) whilst PBL holds 230.2M shares (24.09%), and the ANZ, 100M shares (10.47%).

    Other shareholders of significance include Ligon 205 (being part of the Fink Group).

    Ligon 205 holds 50.4M shares and all up, the Fink Group holds 51.3M shares (or 5.37%).

    Consolidated Press Holdings (Packer's private company) continues to be a major shareholder in TMS, holding 40.0M shares (or 4.19%);
    Morris Symonds' holds almost 20.0M shares (or 2.1%) through Fairfax & Roberts (family owned Sydney based jeweller, holding 11.1M shares), Blaironia (private family company, holding 6.9M shares), and directly (through National Australia Trustees, holding 2.1M shares);
    all up, the top 20 shareholders hold 723.9M shares, or 75.77% of the issued capital; and
    apart from PBL, CPH, TEN, ANZ, Fink and Symonds, the remainder of the Top 20 hold (between them) ~50M shares.

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