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    From yesterdays half yearly report

    "In December 2007, the Company FINALISED a feasibility agreement with a GLOBAL CONSUMER HEALTHCARE COMPANY to evaluate the use of both the Dermaportation and ETP technologies for delivery through the skin of up to 2 compounds. Advanced discussions were also held with a MAJOR COSMETIC COMPANY to FINALISE AN AGREEMENT to evaluate the OBJ delivery platforms for cosmetic use."

    Sounds like OBJ are finally making some headway.They stress also the strong interest in ETP system which has been achieveing results on par with Dermaportation. This is hugely commercial given it is apparently paper thin and costs only a couple of cents per application to manufacture.
    If you think how many passive delivery skin patches there are out there eg. for pain,smoking,hormones,hundreds of millions of them, if every patch had the ETP substance as its backing, you may need to only use a smaller amount of the drug to achieve the same result but also by actively pushing the drug through the skin they are likely to be able to push a wider range of drugs into the skin.
    It is even more attractive for cosmetic companies whose industry revolves around enhanced skin penetration of various ant wrinkling/aging creams ang gels which for the most part don't work very well at all.A cost effective delivery platform(at a couple of cents a pop to manufacture the profit margins would be huge)that actually works proven by clinical research pushing these active cosmetic compounds into the skin would be a world first.

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