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    "TIMING is everything and Benitec Biopharma chief financial officer Greg West was counting his blessings yesterday.
    The innovative gene silencing and replacement company has endured a year of steady preparations for a Nasdaq listing and finalised it last Monday with settlement last Friday.
    Had the offer straddled the past couple of days things could have been very different, with the $US13.8 million of capital raised possibly drying up like a puddle in summer.
    The long game now for Benitec is to do more deals with big US pharmaceutical companies, with its potentially single dose, self-perpetuating cures for a variety of serious disease applications of great interest.
    The main targets are hepatitis B and C, a range of cancers, HIV/AIDS, eye diseases, pain and even the genetic disease Huntington’s but that list could expand.
    A speculative buy with the Nasdaq listing potentially helping the share price over time."
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