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hep testing article

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    this was in adelaide sunday paper and as i hold slt it was of interest... no mention of select though???

    Breakthrough on hepatitis testing


    MELBOURNE scientists have developed a world-first instant test for hepatitis.

    The breakthrough means patients will no longer have to wait up to 48 hours for blood test results to find out if they have the potentially deadly liver virus.
    The new rapid diagnostic kit is 98 per cent accurate and allows doctors to give instant results on hepatitis E, A and C.

    A team from the Burnet Institute in Melbourne worked for a decade on developing the test.

    "We concentrated on hepatitis E because there were no reasonable diagnostic assays (tests)," Professor David Anderson said.

    The institute's deputy director, Professor Anderson, said the breakthrough also has allowed his team to develop similar quick tests for the more common hepatitis C and A.

    He said it was an important breakthrough because people with hepatitis could now be warned early to prevent spreading the infection.

    "Especially people with hepatitis A," he said. 

    "With this rapid test, doctors will have a result straight away and outbreaks can be better controlled."

    Hepatitis E is rare in Australia but considered a health threat for travellers.

    It is usually acquired from infected water and most often affects young people.

    About 170 million people are infected with hepatitis C, a major cause of liver failure.

    Doctors have warned this virus, which can be transmitted sexually, could have a bigger effect on health services than HIV in the future.

    There are 1.5 million new cases of hepatitis A diagnosed each year and thousands more vaccinated against it because a rapid test was not available.

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