Henry Kaye investing....con artist. Opinions??

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    This is the first time I have posted on something other than stocks but hope someone out there can share an opinion or two?? I attended a seminar (free) last night on mezznine finance (basically providing second tier loans to property developers at high interest rates) and how you can make mega bucks by attending his $15k seminar and getting the details/contacts required.

    Now...I have no intention of spending that on a seminar but am wondering:

    1) Does anyone have any experience with this type of investment and how good/easy is it to do??

    2)Does anyone have any experience good or bad to share about Henry Kaye himself. I have done my research on the net and there are two distinct groups (no-one on the fence). About 70% reckon he's a rip off merchant and the other 30% (perhaps planted there) rave endlessly about how good he is.

    I am very skeptical and hoping some kind people out there may be able to provide yours truly (Mr Van Halen) with some guidance.

    Thanks in advance.
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