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    re: henry kaye and money back -miles Miles

    I accept all of that, obviously, however it deals primarily with his lack of licences and his implications that his courses were ASIC approved. It also refers to court ordered mediation, rather than a court case with a conviction. It doesn't say that his techniques don't work. My understanding is that in the recent raging property market they actually have.

    What motivated me to comment was two posts that referred to him refunding costs as advertised. This, coupled with the fact that he appears to be still operating, leads me to think that it should be a case of buyer beware and that just maybe this guy is not a charlatan.

    I haven't attended any of his presentations and I have no connection with him whatsoever. I was surprised to read Alpha's experience with a presentation by someone other than Kaye - he must be franchising his programs - I find that amusing, the guy is irrepressible.

    I have a friend who has made serious money out of two properties purchased off the plan using bonds and following Kayes strategies - I told her it was dangerous and wouldn't work - she doesn't take any advice from me anymore.


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