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I would like to apologise to Mr Fox, but also must add an order...

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    I would like to apologise to Mr Fox, but also must add an order of events that were not instigated by me gave ground for suspicion.
    Most of the mystery is now pretty much solved and my post listed on 15/09/2019 has been reninstated, well almost. I say almost because if I click on my name my posts show up, then by clicking on the post I did on 15-09-2019, my post appears (Post 32), however if I then click on the backward arrow to look at post 31 in the thread, (a censored one by Mr Fox) and then click back to my post Number 32, alas the post is then another censored one by Mr Fox and my post has gone again. I would like to relay the order of events that gave me grounds for suspicion, the censored post which followed my number 32 post was one by Mr Fox, in which he told me he respects what I post and my number 32 post was in the main accurate, but was missing a vital piece of info. Because of that missing info he stated he was going to find out my email.
    I got an email from an outlook email address asking if i was GTFC from HC. I responded to the email, I then I got a second email, this time from a yahoo address asking me to resend what I had put in my first reply, which I did. I will add the post I had put on HC had by then been removed and not by me and I had still not been told what information was not in my post, plus to make me more suspicious the now censored post number 32 was then showing as a Mr Fox post.
    Anyhow HC have told me my post was removed in error and to some extent it has now been reinstated.
    I do my utmost to ensure everything I post is accurate and evidence based and if I post anything that is inaccurate I will not hesitate to remove and readily agree that I have made a mistake. I enjoy participating on here and sadly get a buzz out of crunching numbers and doing comparative analysis.
    As a footnote, hopefully the quarterly report will confirm my formulae for working out current number of pharmacy outlets. As of the end of the quarter my formulae suggests that around 1050 new outlets were added during the quarter.

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