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    Way off the topic, but I'm just seeking some advice here.

    The elections are in March this year, and I'm managing a campaign for a colleague.

    I want to grade strategies and am asking for your input to help me address areas of importance relative to the candidate.

    I would love as many HotCopperites to participate as possible.



    What would make you definitely vote for a local government candidate in your area?

    What would the probability of you voting for a non aligned candidate if they knocked on your door and had a reasonable and positive discussion with you?

    Are you more influenced by what you receive in the mail than other forms of local govt. electoral advertising?

    How many of you actually know the name of your incumbent local government representative.

    How often do you read the 'Letter to the Editor' section of the local paper / s? Do you recall any names of regular contributors?

    Would you be offended or more likely to vote for a candidate who rang you to ask about your local concerns?

    If only one candidate of three doorknocked you, and each candidates printed material was the same as the others, would you be more likely to vote for the one who knocked on your door? If so, why?

    Thanks folks. I really hope you can respond.


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