help...pls record dates for shae placement

  1. Yak
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    I think Imight have made a blue based on someones post....didnt think so but i better check.

    MTR has a SPP with the record date being 3 Nov - yesterday.

    i bought a small parcel to be eligible (or so I thought)

    Someone posted that Wed last week was the date?

    Can anyone give a declarative statement as to the mechanics of a SPP and the record date

    The ASX states...

    Record Date:

    5.00 pm (in the case of a proper SCH transfer, a later time permitted by the SCH Business Rules) on the date specified by the issuer as the date by which the issuer will identify the persons on the company's register entitled to the benefit of a Corporate Action.

    No theories thanx but something you're sure of.

    MTR aint answering atm....

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