help please - identifying potential growth stocks

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    How do you identify small stocks which have potential to becoming a superior growth stock. There are so many companies listed on the asx which it is virtually impossible to know them all. Information I received from my financial broker for superior growth stocks are:
    Patricks, Westfield, Cochlier, James Hardie, News and several others. Whilst these are good companies, they are already at the top end of the market. If I look at some of the stocks back in say 1995, like CSL($2), Macquarie Bank ($7), Toll Holdings, Patricks - these stocks have risen substantially even though they have come down from their all time highs. I realise we are in a different market environment at present but surely the market has to turn round at some time. Good time to do research. Does anyone have any info they are prepared to share with me. thanks
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