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    I'm semi-retired now and have a bit of money in a (good) superannuation fund.

    Occasionally I move some of it around to a different investment group/class.

    Of the different type of investments available to me, I don't understand what 'Diversified Fixed Interest' is. I thought I did, since my fund describes the asset class thus -

    Fixed interest

    Fixed interest investments pay regular interest and mature on a specified date. They include government and corporate bonds and debentures.

    Fixed interest is normally secure if held until maturity when the full face value is payable, but there is the potential for short-term changes in value due to the movement of market interest rates.

    They offer a higher level of security than shares and property, but provide a lower return over the long term.

    If it's fixed interest, why does the interest paid/earned from this class into my super vary as a % basis on a daily basis ? (I do check every day.)

    Feeling a bit foolish since I don't know the answer, but hopefully someone will gladly explain it for me.

    Thanks in advance


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