TFC 7.42% $1.31 tfs corporation limited

help me dog

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    Sorry guys, I couldn't help myself.

    Now, down to the seroius stuff.

    I need some help unravelling those pesky numbers on the balance sheet.

    Trans Tasman Canine, you're an accountant, so you should know. And perhaps JID, who says TFC is a high quality company, might be able to assist as well. Diamonte, I've read your spiel on the other forum, so no need for further comment at this stage.

    I'm having great difficulty understanding how a company that has such a big operating cash flow deficit ($ 26.66 Mill) can in fact post a profit.

    Is this financial alchemy, or am I missing something here.

    Just to put you in the picture, I find myself in a similar position to TFC at the end of each week. I've usually spent more than I have earned and have no money. I've tried to revalue my assets to improve my balance sheet (usually in a foreign currency), but the Aussie dollar keeps rising and thwarts my efforts.

    Eventually I have to tap the instutions (my parents) and shareholders (my kids) for a bit more equity (read pocket money).

    At least come Sunday I can pay myself a dividend and shout everyone a nice meal (fully franked) at the pub. They all think that's great and I can repeat the whole exercise the following week. Do you think they will ever wise up?

    I'm thinking of going to Dubai and see if anyone there can finance my lifestyle!

    Now, if I can pull that off, this is what I call financial alchemy.

    Has TFC pinched my concept?

    Appreciate your explanation(s).

    Regards, and good luck with your holdings. But count me out, I'm doing OK with my own bit of financial alchemy.

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