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    Hi guys and girls,

    Look I'm no guru but I do know a few things and one of them is that "testosterone" activity far outweights "neuronal" activity.

    Blokes tend to go for the "RAAAAHHRRRR - WATCH IT GO - FEEL THE THRILL" whereas Sheilas then to go for the "steady eddie" version - he's done the full throttle and it is only down hill from here until such time as he can regain his strength for a further thrust and yet another "blow off".

    Sorry guys but everything can be measured.

    So having said all of that - where to from now.

    Do a little chart analysis on a wide range of stocks.

    Doesn't take too many neurones to rub together to work out that fast runs up lead to fast runs down. High volume high price = astute sellers selling to supid buyers chasing a price because posts like a lot of these do just that - encourage people to chase the price for fear of missing out.

    Greed is a permanent predisposition - fear is temporary.

    Do a little Gann analysis for time frames.

    Do a little "buy the rumour sell the fact"

    Do whatever you like but rationalise the "testostrone" level.

    This stock has run up absurdly. It has doubled in price in a very short time. This is biotech absurdity as was

    I just feel really sorry for those who are caught up in the hype as we presently experience it.

    It desperately needs to do a retractment to around the 66 - 50% level.

    If it holds at that level then it will begin another upward swing. If it fails at the 50% level then a great number of people are going to be feeling a great deal of pain and I for one am not going to be among them.

    One patient. Hello????? - I for one hope that he does so well he makes medical history because it is a giant leap for mankind and for Australia.

    It just saddens me that a Forum like this can try to ramp up a stock on the basis of the survival of one person.

    If this poor unfortunate fellow fails to survive this stock is going to dive.

    I don't know - I'm not a regular "poster" on any Forums. I just read a lot and do a lot of technical analysis.

    I just see a lot of people who are traders getting very very burned in tomorrow's trading.

    Sure it is fine if you are a long term "investor" - you are prepared to look across the valleys. All being well VCR should do well but for short term traders I can only see a pretty seriously retracement in the next few trading sessions.

    We are not yet in a bull market. We run the risk in the next week of having a serious retracement prior to the next bull run, or a further upswing preparatory to a serious retracement.

    Personally I hope that the retracement is sooner rather than later so that we can get on with a new phase in our trading activities and the advent of a new bull run.

    Mind you - none of this is going to happen until such time as the property market busts. Remember - when property is down stocks are up and vice versa. The property market is still booming - what does that tell you!!!!!!!

    Happy trading and beware the huge increase in VCE stock price. Short term runs of that magnitude are very rarely sustained in a bull market. At best our market at present can be classified as "sideways". If in the next few days it turns "nasty" and goes into the final retracement - well - I am not going to be long anything.

    Hope I have been of some help

    Sorry but that is the reality.

    VCR is a stock I have followed for a long time and made a lot of money from.

    On a fundamental basis - it has great potential despite the fact that:

    1. It operates at a loss
    2. Only 1 patient???? (I do so hope he does well) and glad he is not my parent otherwise I would be beside myself.
    3. The patient has been sent home - so much for constant supervision
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