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    re: drill measure mine Interesting AEX last few days. I haven't lost any faith...except some on the management ability to communicate...Unless one is prepared to watch spec stocks swing 50% (sometimes even more) will be played like 12-string guitars...smoooth and you won't know it...

    Stick it in your super instead...otherwise take a very long term view...if the resources are there (we don't know that for sure re AEX - but no evidence to the contrary yet either)...if the management has the spine to deliver a mine and not give it away...don't know that yet...and still mid-2007 for them to show us they can do it (CCI memories do hover in the background though to be honest)....really, I would suggest if the goods are there, this company will not get away with screwing the shareholders....just my gut feeling after watching these threads....I certainly will be at the AGM to see the management prove they are worthy.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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