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Hell hath no fury...

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    Dear fellow LCK Shareholders

    "Hell hath no fury like an ex-shareholder scorned"

    A day doesn't go by without some upset ex-shareholder venting against the company. The latest comments are part of the ongoing saga. Lets state some facts and then move on.

    Firstly, if the company had published misleading data about its gas flow rates the consequences are extreme. The company would be in dire trouble as would the Directors.

    Secondly, external Independent assessors using an international classification system have put their reputation on the line. The classification they have given says that LCK has commercial quantity gas capability.

    Thirdly, leading commercial players, who have seen all the data, are about to sign off take agreements. I suspect that they actually have experts who are making actual financial decision, not desktop assessments.

    I'm also delighted that the company is 'tight lipped'. Apart from the small issue of insider trading, there are huge commercial issues at stake. Why should the company respond to every query, especially from non shareholders? The reality is that shareholders that have sold have a vested interest in continually talking down the stock. Its a way to justify a bad decision and soothe their ego. I don't for a moment believe that their commentary is to save the other LCK shareholders from calamity, otherwise they would have announced their sell intention before they sold. Of course they never did that so its all about their own agenda.

    I'm waiting for some positive announcements soon and stick to a fundamental rather than a rumor driven investment philosophy.

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