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hedge funds a familar pattern

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    The trading today on ABS walks a familar pattern to that of AFG.We know where AFG is today down to 97c.The hedge funds now have control of ABS.ABS will move up tomorrow and once things settle the hedge funds will get to work pushing the price back down for a negative close.With them will be the day traders who bought in the earily morning spike further reducing the price.Don't be fooled into buying thinking it is undervalued bla bla bla.It probably is undervalued but the hedge funds are now in control.If you are a long term holder it should be ok unless ABS goes into administration.I have follwed REU,RJT and RAT which are trading to large discounts to NTA.The hedge funds take control late in the day and sell the price down to a lower close.When things start to pick up in the price they will take control and sell it down.
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