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heartware to swamp vcr on asx?

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    Where does VCR go from here? A competitor with a similar but arguably better product is about to list on the ASX.

    It provides a heart pump with similar motor force by magnet driven impellers however

    1. It takes a fraction of the time to implant- as low as 30mins compared to 5/8hrs for VCR

    2. It is about a 1/4 or 1/3 the size and attaches to the heart itself instead of the bulky abdomen implant with internal tubes running to the heart.

    3.It has a market cap about 25% of VCR's.

    4. The Heartware float closing now will be highly oversubscribed. It has the best Medical Board imaginable and is set to be trialled at St Vincent's where one of the first two VCR implantees died.

    5. High level medical opinion of the new Heartware product regard it as a major winner and it looks set for destination therapy and not just as a bridge to the 3000 transplants per year in the whole world.

    Heartware will rise on listing on 30Jan, I reckon. But where does that leave VCR?

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