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head wreck......part ii

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    Fascinating study in market psychology yesterday and part two today no doubt. I will admit I try hard to stay positive but rational at the same time - I think that is possible. Tough at times to be sure you are not delusional and it is only human nature to see some self doubt creep in when the market strongly disagrees with you as strongly as yesterday. There is no doubting emotion is a very strong influencing factor in the markets. I'd wager many a small shareholder kacked themselves yesterday and jumped ship full of fear and uncertainty not kno what the hell to do. But who picked up the 5m or so shares sold -obviously someone willing to take the other side of that gamble. Strong hands ? People who know more than ourselves ? Time will tell.

    Some people are positive by their very nature others negative - I think personalities shine through on this forum. If I lost it all I would be depressed certainly but would live to go again whereas the likes of Leng might never recover.

    Watching a good few grand burn in front of your very eyes is pretty dam emotional experience and one I had yesterday. I think people are quicker to sell like mad than they are to buy - human nature in my view. Negativity is a stronger emotion. Just my opinion.

    Once the dust settles - after close - a bit of rational thought resumes and people are afforded the luxury of a closed market and a bit of relative calm to stop and think free from the emotion of watching a share price drop like a stone.

    That would be my fairly rudimentary asessment of yesterdays emotional swings in the postings on this forum.

    I still think BMN has a lot going for it and will get there, the mine will be built and my view is that the economics will continue to improve - do not underestimate the strategic premium that will go with uranium IMO. Mine economics yes but strategic premium absolutely for reasons well discussed on this forum.
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