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he forgot

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    JK blame some negative comments from a few posters on H/C. It is not fair that he forgot to blame himself regarding to story of Mt C, Chinese/Malaysia visited with $billion, etc!!! He does many brr but where are Mt C and Chinese/Malaysia big pockets?

    I got out > 20c to keep profit and warned market that sp may fall to 5c or lower (It did drop to 2.5c).

    Similarly, I got out FMS @ 19.5 and warned market that FMS will face a big risk by falling to 4.1c or lower (it did fall to 4.1)

    Rather than blame few others, JK should apologize to share holders about Mt C and Chinese/Malaysia story. I feel sorry for ppl who bought and hold RAU since sp > 20c. I hope Rau can move up so that share holders can get their money back!

    IMO, Sirdean, Macrae12 and few others have done a right thing!

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