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    Interesting course of sales today people, finishing down from yearly highs. 13 million sold in two days. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Who knows? Many stocks retreat a little on reaching yearly highs but most stocks are not in the position of having reached a total depth and only insiders know if it is successful or not.

    Personally I have a feeling of deja-vu. I don't know how many times HDR have left us hanging on over a weekend for key information. For all my feelings of deja-vu the reality is that this weekend is different for two reasons;

    One, with Courbine the cognicenti knew that if it did not strike oil it meant little in the bigger picture. It was a different structure and of the two different structures it was the less prevalent. If it was dry there were plenty of other opportunities. That it is not the case this time. If Banda is a duster it will throw all other drills into doubt and even though some of the other prospects might have oil in them, there will never again be the cause for surety that some people have now.

    If Banda is successful it will give us a big boost, and Thon an even bigger one. If Banda is dry make no mistake it will have an enormous effect and while Thon may regain some of the ground, if it is successful, our dreams of a 10 bagger will be dashed with a dry Banda.

    Two, this is the last weekend. Barring breakdown or some sadistic withdrawal of the limited information they are passing on, we will know the outcome of Banda this week coming. Recent threads have been full of debate; have we Hardmanites been guilty of ramping, blind optimism, just misguided, or prescient? That debate will be largely redundant by this time next week.

    For all intents and purposes the coming week will be the end of a long road for many long term holders. If Banda is successful the dream lives on and the journey continues but it will do so with an underpinning (Ching and Banda) which will take much of the sense of risk away.

    If Banda is dry, yes we may still get a price with good outcomes for Ching and maybe Thon, but many of us will looking for a graceful exit point.

    So for perhaps the last weekend of the unknown. A heartfelt good luck to all holders; new and old, with what the new week brings,


    An anxious Pagarsi

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