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HDR- What if ???

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    Here's a thought for you.
    What if this placement offer for HDR is a well orchestrated scam to drive down the price so someone can buy in more cheaply.
    ie: plugged and abandoned

    I'm not saying anyone here is involved we all may just be innocent victims of a very elaborate plot. The price jumped sharply on Friday, that seems strange? Has there been an official announcement re the placement. Not that I can find. There were some large orders go through late on Friday, what did they know? Why buy at .76 if there is a placement at .70 hmmmmm

    Some well respected posters here have heard the rumour and even been offered some of the placement.
    Angers for one, who I believe is above reproach

    What if ???
    A. The placement doesn't exist or
    B. Gets cancelled because of shareholder or ASIC backlash.

    Maybe I'm getting paranoid in my old age cause I'm getting to love a good conspiracy theory.

    What if we've all been taken for a ride?

    I got to stop drinking Bourbon on a Sunday night.

    Have a good week all.

    regards- pokerboy
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Currently unlisted public company.

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