HDR - W#19 potential oil & gas, ARQ - rig release, page-3

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    Bounty Comment:

    It was our expectation that as fluid continued to flow into the bore
    hole from the perforated intervals, we would initially recover the
    fluids lost to the formation while drilling and then determine what
    fluid is actually in the formation, either water or oil. It now
    appears likely that the formation has not flowed back into the
    borehole after perforating and that either the flow is being
    inhibited by some of the materials introduced while drilling or that
    the perforations have not connected with the higher permeability
    zones in the reservoir.

    The continued recovery of minor amounts of oil while swabbing as well
    as the technical analysis by both Bounty and Hardman continue to
    support the likelihood that the zone being tested does contain oil
    and that further testing is warranted. We have decided to suspend the
    testing at this time and release the Century rig to allow it to
    fulfill its commitments to other operators. It is our intention to
    bring in alternate equipment within a few weeks to undertake the
    remedial program, either by acid stimulation or if required,
    re-perforating the zones, prior to continuing the testing program
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