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    Can someone please explain the logic in drilling Thon? I know it meets the need of the agreement that a drill has to take place in that block, but why Thon. It is a long way from Ching and Banda, it only has eighty million barrels which is not commercial in itself and it is continually referred to as 'low risk'. If it is low risk nothing new will be learned from drilling it (that is nothing that they can't safely assume now.)

    Knowing our luck they will drill it, find the assumed eighty million barrels and the price will fall because 'it's not commercial'. If they have to drill in that block surely there are other prospects more exciting than Thon.

    The only benefit of drilling thon as far as I can see is that it may make us 4/4 this time through and that may excite the market

    What do you think?



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