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HDR-Thon is a con.

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    Here's my conspiracy theory.

    For the last three years at least, Ted has been wandering around the brokers telling the story of how Shell drilled just off the mark at Thon but still came up with so many barrels of 32 degree API oil.

    If Shell had drilled in the right spot they would have hit the payload and Hardman would not have got a look into Mauritania. So the storey goes.

    NOW with the miracle of modern seismic technology,3D surveys etc all Hardman had to do was mosey up to Thon and, hey presto, grab the rewards.

    Do you really beleive we got nothing or was the find just put to sleep until another day. Plugged and abandoned seems to run easily off the lips, after all it's just a normal term meaning we can go back later.

    There are any number of reasons why this would be done.

    Getting a better deal from the Mauritanian government.
    A takeover of Hardman.
    Just keeping Mauritania low key on a world scale to keep away preditors.
    Who knows.

    How come Ted,s best lead is a dud.I do hope he hasn't been misleading us. I wonder what Shell think.

    Regards M.
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