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    It is dissapointing when some directors deliberately fail to inform their shareholders of the "true picture". But alas I have now come to expect this over the years. Unfortunately this is a fact of life in the stockmarket. Who could ever forget the classic "plugged and abandoned" announcement when Chinguetti first hit the black stuff.

    When it happens it creates a very unpleasant feeling in the pit of the stomach and makes one feel that the small shareholder is being manipulated and misled. So much for fair disclosure to shareholders. It has never existed. Just ask HIH and One Tel investors as well as countless others that never made the news.

    Sometimes it takes nerves of steel to stay in the game when agendas are running but that unfortunately for now that is just the way it is. In other ways I believe that the directors have been doing an excellent job and I admire them for their perserverence and long sightedness. This is what has kept me in this stock and continues to do so.

    Just felt the need to say my two bobs worth.

    I hope Ted reads HC.

    Long term investor
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