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    have a look at todays interview with roc's ceo john doran at www.corporatefile.com.au here is a piece on west africa

    In Mauritania, the Block B Joint Venture (ROC 2.4 percent) production tested the Chinguetti 4-2 well, which was testing the northern flank of the Chinguetti Field. How do you now rate the prospectivity of your Mauritanian acreage and what's the forward plan?

    CEO John Doran
    Mauritania is looking quite good at the moment. Chinguetti 4-2, the second and most recent well on the Chinguetti oil discovery, had a strong exploration element, being 2.5 km north of the discovery well and on the other side of the salt structure. Therefore, the 94 metre gross oil column which was encountered was good news as was the 1,560 BOPD flow from the 10 metre zone which was tested, particularly since that flow was constrained by sand production, a not uncommon occurrence in reservoirs with high permeability. In fact, sand influx is often indicative of excellent productive potential and it is something that we would expect to be controlled in a fairly routine manner in later wells.

    Because the 2001 Chinguetti discovery was made with the first deep water well drilled in this huge area and now that the second well on the structure has also been encouraging, it is easy to overlook the fact that we’re still dealing with a rank wildcat area where you would expect most of your early wells to be dry, rather than reporting substantial gross oil columns. When you consider this area in that frontier exploration context, you’ve got every reason to be encouraged.

    cheers & good luck all
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