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    Good luck to all Hardman shareholders over the coming week(s).

    After reading Markco's post saying that he has a reduced exposure for this drilling campaign compared to the last got me thinking as to how I think the share price will be affected this time.

    It would seem to me that if this well were dry there would be an initial panic driving the share price down. Probably way too low. If it went to 40c I dont think it would stay there long considering the next 2 to 3 wells will be drilled a short time later. I think 40c would be a gift and the price would have to be back near 70c as the 2nd drill date approaches, soon after.

    So to Markco, it is my opinion that because of the other 2 to 3 wells to be drilled in this program so soon after, makes Chinguetti 2 a less risky play than courbine. I believe the share price may react the same, but over a much shorter time frame.

    I state again that I am a novice and I welcome other views or criticism of this logic.
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