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    Probably no trading Halt Monday remember nothing ever happens as it should with Hardman.

    They will announce they have struck oil Yeehaaaaaaaa!!

    Stocko will say I told you so!!
    If there is no OIL he will say he knew that too!!

    Chinguetti has a heart attack, after a complete recovery he marries Hardmano.

    Marko buys a new diamond studded collar for his puppy.

    The Banda well is plugged and abandoned.
    Like Mike Tyson's first cell mate.

    Woodside announces that unfortunaley the oil isnt real good but they will do us a favour and take our shares off our hands for a dollar. No other prospective buyer is sighted due to the lack of information.

    Hardman directors roll over and say its a good deal for THEM and we should accept it.

    Sailorgirl ends up shipwrecked on a small deserted island and is never heard from again. Luckily she has a life time's supply of tea.

    The whole thing ends up as confusing as fathers day in a hippy commune.

    Mauratania is invaded by Saddam Hussain.

    The UN passes a resolution and ask him nicely to leave.

    Bush invades and never leaves.

    The UN passes a resolution and ask him nicely to stay.

    Mauratania becomes the 53rd State.

    All existing oil contracts are declared worthless.

    Chinguetti and Hardmano adopt and become the proud parents of a little oil rigger named Crude.

    Sailorgirl gets lucky and a local village boy is washed up on the island. He is never heard from again. She finally finds her Hardman!!!!!

    Stocko starts a ramping business, its an instant success and he makes a fortune. He looses it all on KCG.
    He finds a draw full of NAB warrants he forgot he had and gets it all back again. He is arrested in Ireland on outsider trading charges.

    Hot Copper finally gets a spell check.

    The Hardman share price returns to .40cents.
    The whole cycle starts again.

    The Falklands become a recognized oil bearing province.
    Woodside offers to become partners with the stipulation that they control all market releases.

    The whole cycle starts again.

    Chinguetti changes his nic to "Butch".

    A small deserted island becomes over populated.

    Mike Tyson bites off an opponents penis and claims it was an accident. The boxing federation accepts this as resonable and re-instates his licence to bite...... I mean fight.

    An alternative fuel source is discovered and oil becomes obsolete.

    I end up breaking even and look for another company to follow.

    Ted Ellyard becomes governor of the 53rd State of the Union.

    The whole cycle starts again.

    If nothing else I hope this breaks a little of your Monday morning tension.

    Please Note..... Not to be taken seriously....

    regards- pokerboy

    all fingers are crossed

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