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    Exile still an option

    SADDAM Hussein and his sons could still escape into exile if he chose to bow to the 48-hour deadline President George Bush set him yesterday.

    Already two nations - one Arab and one non-Arab - have offered to take the Iraqi dictator in.
    Several countries have been mooted as hosts, most notably anti-war campaigner France and Iraq's trading ally Russia.

    Other potential destinations include Mauritania, Belarus, Cuba and even North Korea.

    Within the Middle East, Washington sources have suggested Egypt might be willing to accept Saddam if it brought about disarmament and a regime change in Iraq.

    Another option is for a last-minute run to close trading partner Syria.

    But observers last night said hopes were dim Saddam would flee.

    Experts said that as a megalomaniac with a vain eye on his place in history, Saddam was almost certain to stay in Baghdad to his imminent death.

    "Power is too important to him. He wouldn't abandon it to become a person in exile," said Strategic and Defence Studies Centre chief Clive Williams.

    While he has publicly dismissed suggestions he would seek exile, Saddam is believed to have taken steps to ensure his survival outside his homeland in the event of a swift US victory.

    He has already allegedly sent his personal jeweller to Thailand to buy millions of dollars worth of diamonds - a readily tradeable currency around the globe.

    But Saddam's deputy Tariq Aziz dismissed the exile speculation.

    "Saddam Hussein is a brave leader and a hero," he said.

    Escape option: Saddam Hussein.

    Teddy Ellyard tell Saddam Hussein he's not welcome in Mauritania.

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