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    here's the text from that link from flash, off the WPL website. makes for interesting reading.
    ned, holding a few HDR & ROC & looking at fusion.
    4/17/2002 - OGI: Perth) Woodside Petroleum has revealed that it will be conducting an exploratory and appraisal drilling program in Block 4 offshore Mauritania during the third quarter of the year. The company is planning to probe what it calls the Greter Chinguette area, 90 km off the Mauritanian coast in the Atlantic.
    According to Charles Goode, Woodside chairman, the intention of the renewed drilling program is to prepare for the production of Mauritania's first oil.
    He said the company has already commenced planning the development of its Chinguette Field, believed to contain approximately 1.5 billion bbl of oil.
    Goode pointed out that the upcoming exploratory and appraisal drilling campaign will be a significant factor in establishing the size and schedule for the development. "Success here would be a particularly exciting outcome as it would most likely result in Mauritania's first oil production and the first Woodside-operated international oil production facility," he said.
    Woodside has budgeted US$106 million for its drilling program this year, from which the Mauritania drilling is carried out. The company's earlier Courbine-1 exploratory well in the area was a duster.
    Woodside is the operator of Area B with 35% interest. Its partners are Eni (35%), Hardman Petroleum (18.6%), Fusion Oil and Gas (6%), Planet Oil (3%), and Roc Oil (2.4%).


    "The company's earlier Courbine-1 exploratory well in the area was a duster."
    No no no!!!
    It was a non comercial hydrocarbon treasure chest.
    It intersected HC's at the Tertiary zone.
    It didn't flood but showed HC's at the Cretaceous age zone but the ground was very tight.
    All that has been proved by Courbine 1A (20 km from Chinguetti) is;
    1. Tertiary zone <2000m is a HC goldmine
    2. Cretaceous zone is still to be proved.

    Don't forget Planet Oil (3%) is 100% owned by Hardman.

    Sailorgirl (et al)

    The primary objective (late Cretaceous) sands in Courbine were water-bearing rather than "tight". The most definitive statements I've seen on Courbine's failure are in the RobSearch Independent Expert's section of Hardman's AIM admission document. There it explains this result as being due to the unexpectedly poor quality and immaturity of the source rocks (remember they deepened the well to about 4500m - this was to drill into the Turonian age source strata). The tentative conclusion is that the main area of hydrocarbon generation from this source is to the East of Courbine ie in the slightly shallower water containing Chinguetti (and many other Tertiary prospects).

    The RobSearch report does refer to the possibility of different, early Cretaceous, source / reservoir systems which are still untested, but the main play that Courbine tested does seem to have been significantly downgraded.

    Despite that, Mauritania is still an exciting province with plenty of oil bound to be found in the Tertiary and hopefully other play types.


    My recollection re Courbine 1A was that there was a hydrocarbon ingress at 2900 (mainly gas but some oil) which is at the Tertiary age level and 20 km from Chinguetti.
    This caused a hole collapse and a subsequent deviation to bypass the stuck bit and 100+ meters of string.
    Then it was on on to the Cretaceous sands.
    Now for several days near the anticipated cretaceous pay zone there were more problems due to pressure and squeezing. Several days delay in fact.
    I assumed a very tight tight capping layer.


    "Preliminary results of the wireline logging indicate that the primary objective contains no commercial hydrocarbons, however minor hydrocarbon shows were encountered. As previously reported, the well encountered a 9 metre gas interval in the upper (Tertiary) section."

    My previous statement re the primary objective (Cretaceous) still stands, that is, one non commercial flow exploritary well does not write of the Cretaceous sand zone.
    Dana have a lot of expectations for Blocks 7 & 8.
    cheers 'n beers
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