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    re: HDR Announcement to sir_yaycee Not really qualified to answer that one. However, my experience when working with Shell BP and Todd in Taranaki, NZ, gave me a good insite into gas/condensate fields and their geology. The Perth basin has consistently given positive results due to the pourosity of the target geological formations. Without pourosity, there's no space for gas or oil to accumulate. The better the pourosity, the more room for gas to accumulate. So, if the structure is fairly full then yes, it is good news. As far as one poster mentioned yesterday, yes, gas flows can be improved by 'stimulation'. This involves adding pressure downhole to the formation. The Kapuni gas/condensate(light crude) field in Taranaki started producing in the early 1950's from memory, and I understand it's still producing! During my time with SBPTodd, 1974 to 1977, the only work that had to be carried out on the Kapuni field was reworking of the production wells, about 17 I think we had. This involved purging the wells to clear the intake equipment downhole, and 'stimulating' the holes by pumping in water under pressure. This field was of secondary interest. I was involved with the construction of the Maui gas/condensate field offshore in the South Taranaki basin. No. I'm not a rig operator; I was in the purchasing area. Moved to Oz mid 1977. The great thing about working for them was that, no matter what your position, you were given the opportunity to attend presentations and visit the production facilities etc. The chief geologist was across the corridor from my office. There's many a tale to tell about various catastrophies that SBPTodd had to handle during the time I was there; "Storm damages offshore construction platform-helipad deck washed away"-ended up adding about 20 metres to platform height-fortunately it happened in the very early stages-not long after platform was lowered to sea bed. Waves exceeded 40 metres ! / "Major scare as condensate storage tank at port facility overflows-port area evacuated and Dow chemicals forced to shut down-New Plymouth port area on stage 3 major alert for 12 hours". The guy on the control console went to sleep and didn't hear the warning alarm to say 'nearly full-switch next tank'. Morning shift arrived to find highly flammable condensate flowing down the driveway, spilling over from emergency concrete containment barriers! Ah, those were the days......god I go on don't I?
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