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hdr, 1530 bpd

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    1530 bbls per day at 25 us $ per bbl = usd 38250 per day. A fpso cost 120,000 usd per day minimum. Breakeven is 4,800 bbls per day.
    Laminaria wells, 7 and 8 offshore australia are about 20,000 per day and they will just pay for the drilling and subsea production equipment, well heads etc.before they expire. Thats with the northern endeavor alredy in position. There is no infrastructure offshore where the african wells are being drilled. Its also a difficult place to work in, remote, deep and subject to supply difficulties. So 60million to 100 million bbls of oil is not that much if each well is of low production, sand difficulties not with standing. Much will therefore depend on future drilling results. Hope it all goes well but beware of those wanting to boost the price to unsupportable levels. Why not buy a woodside installment warrent, if it is a good area they will increase, if not you will still have a warrant for a very good australian company, whereas hardman, well who can tell.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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