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    For most of this week peace has pretty much broken out on HC - making it a much more pleasant and valuable place. This is primarily due to the great work done by the HC development team - with the most significant development (to me) being the ability to "ignore" an entire forum.

    I note, however, with great disapointment that a couple of non ASX threads have started to appear in the ASX forums.

    I ask that these threads be removed

    We have reached a remarkable place of compromise where those that do not wish to discuss share trading matters now have their right to free speech in a specic area (General) and I have the right to see or not see these posts as I see fit. This is a win/win situation but will only work if posts are kept to their forums.

    Moderators/HCT set and implement the rules now, before a precedant is set.

    This should be a firm rule, enforced withou question. I see absolutely no reason why this should not be so.

    Thank you for listening.

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