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    in the first half of last year, watso was making the odd post about his weight - which had a downward trajectory.

    watso would take note of his weight, body fat etc etc - and write them down - and watso would have lost more than 20kg. sadly watso is also human, and does get distracted - and when watso is doing the wrong thing, then watso does not even bother weighing himself - there is no need to step on the scales, it is the waistline that watso can see.

    the last time that watso recorded details regarding his weight, was in may last year - and despite having got distracted, and having put on a few kilos, watso is now back at the same weight as may last year.

    in a way, watso is lucky - because he always cycles - he is always fit. exercise is always a part of any weight loss program - so that is the easy part for watso. weight loss for watso is easy - just up the cycling a bit, and cut down on the alcohol a bit.

    today, watso has already done about 30km of cycling, but might do another 10km for a bit of a rtc hunt.... just the ride to put watso in the mood for a few more glasses of the good grape nectar
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