hc staff...a suggestion...

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    Why not highlight (say in capitals or different colour) the nic's that have unique ISP's?

    This way, your genuine (single nic) posters would be obvious to all, whilst those who still feel the need to have multiple nic's, for whatever reason, could do so!

    The benefit would be that a multiple nic poster would be obvious to all...and we could then approach their postings with some extra degree of caution.

    Of course, we still wouldn't know who owned what nic's or how many, but at least we could be cautious of posts from any "unhighlighted" nic's.

    Just a thought, but surely it would help prevent the proliferation of all the abusive and misleading posts...and help uphold your own "Code of Conduct" Rule 1...

    "Please treat other users with respect and do not use The Financial Arena's message boards to threaten, harass, stalk, defame or abuse others. You must not use language that is racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory."

    So what about it HC?

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