HC Poll - Do you believe it is right to allow people to discriminate on the basis of vaccination status?, page-376

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    and many prefer the propaganda and anti-science memes while the logic used relies on false assumptions..... yet when these are pointed to they get defensive/aggressive, such as Cowboy, and ignore real-world evidence.... even the sustainable rates of infection in Vic and NSW and the announcements by medical experts globally that the infection is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

    I appreciate your conciliatory words, rational and calm..... you may enjoy learning but others don't seem to have that capacity.

    its very disappointing that such a committed band, though small in number, are seeming dedicated to denying reality. is it a death wish? a seeking of martyrdom? that leads such otherwise intelligent people to commit to denying science and evidence?

    is it a mass delusion wrt conspiracy thought bubbles? I don't think its a congenital limitation of the their ability to think..... more a preference of beliefs.

    this is a serious illness and must be taken seriously as all politicians, except Morrison, seem to be doing. "Just putting opinions out there" doesn't explain the vehemence of such intractable opinions.
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