having trouble with entering trades.

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    G'day all,

    Well i guess it's not easy but i'm finding the main mistake i'm making with my trades is when i'm buying.

    I'm picking ok stocks, but i end up entering at a price i don't want to. It seems to be the only part of my trading letting me down at the moment. And i guess it's all discipline. I'm looking at a few various methods regarding entry, such as MACD and MA. However liek anything they are hit and miss.

    I have set a few trading rules for myself and am following them well. All apart from one thing, the price i buy stocks at.

    Eg) I sit and wait patiently for a stock to drop to my buy in price. And then i don't pull the trigger. The stocks start to rise 5 or 10 per cent. And then i buy. STUPID....

    Anyway would appreciate some thoughts.
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