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    re: have a look ... or just read this bit 4 Observations.
    a ..The Guardian noted, “It is assumed that those in first will have significant advantage in bidding for future deals, including the exploitation of Iraq's oil industry.” [Sydney Morning Herald, 4/16/03]

    b ..These contracts represent a significant transfer of wealth from the people of Iraq to large, mostly American, corporations. The total dollar amount of reconstruction contracts to be awarded by USAID is currently at $1.1 billion– assuming that there are no cost overruns [Mercury News, 4/17/03]. While the initial funds will be provided by American taxpayers, it is expected that the remainder will come from revenue generated by the sale of Iraq’s oil. But this is just the beginning. According to the Scotland of Sunday, the Bush administration plans to spend a total of some $96 billion on reconstructing Iraq, most of which will be paid to U.S. firms [Scotland of Sunday, 3/30/03]. The decision to spend this amount, which represents almost 400% of Iraq’s potential annual GDP of $25 billion [Agence France Presse, 4/11/03; Washington Post, 4/11/03], was made with absolutely no input from the Iraqi people. It is hard to make sense then of the administration’s rhetoric that Iraq’s oil is for the Iraqi people, when the decision to give U.S. corporations some 3.84 billion barrels (at $25/barrel) of it was made by officials half a world away in Washington. If the Bush administration’s Iraqi oil policy results in lower oil prices, even more Iraqi oil will be needed to pay these costs.

    c CBS News noted, “With at least $60 billion to be spent over the next three years, the Iraqi people won't be the only ones benefiting. The companies that land the biggest contracts to do the work will cash in big-time.” [CBS News, 4/27/03]

    I wonder if it was the US economy rather than "Saddam's WMD" that compelled America to invade?

    Nevertheless, "reap the whirlwind" - eh.

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