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    Hey Pete,

    I responded to you last night pretty late so I wasn't ignoring you, I just didn't read your past until well after you had put it up.

    I picked NWE to come back to 0.06 and it has actually dropped further than that but I still think it is one to watch. It is breaking out of a stage one base and I think it is now entering a healthy stage 2 climb.

    I also recommended RDF as one of the big success stories for 2004 and I stand by that. I think you'll be really impressed withe sp for this company throughout this year and beyond.

    Today was a great day for me. MRX, PCL, HZN and SHN all went up. Unfortunately my Golds (LHG, GTM and RBK) did not fare so well but they'll have their day soon.

    I'll be selling a lot of my holdings in the next 2-3 weeks so I'll be liquid again and on the prowl for more winners.

    Congrats on KIM btw. I was looking at it back when it was 0.97-1.00 and chose others but what a mistake that was! WOW that baby has gone through the roof!

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