has the selling stopped now?

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    looks like the sellers have dried up and most likely it was the old directors dumping at a basement price to new directors

    well they sucked me in this morning @.008 cents 140000 shares and at one stage looked grim but now it has stabilized that selling has stopped. talking about vo
    maybe it will go for another run before close.
    talking about volatily yesterday price got pushed to 1 cent today hits .006 and now on its way up again oh well like i said before fun and games here.

    anyway i bet new directors now that they are set at giveaway prices will bring something out of their hat soon in the way of an ann.
    also lets not forget they still have over $1 million in the bank and that puffin project and a few more things in the pipeline as well

    so lets see what next week brings with this one worth watching id say

    JOHN ^_^
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