has obama lost the plot?

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    "...Mr Obama said Mr Assad had lost legitimacy to lead..."

    Umm...may I suggest worrying about your own country first?
    Pretty sure over 60% of the American people are unhappy with you...that's about the same as Syrian's in Syria to their govt.

    I never understood how the US thinks it can achieve diplomacy in other countries by using force and teaching them "the American way of Freedom".

    US is in tatters, he now heads for a 10day vacation and has spent half his time in office fighting wars in the middle east whilst America turns into a police state, people lose rights set out form the constitution and ammendment and the quality of living is getting worse every day over there.

    Obama is a puppet for the secret societies.
    Get Ron Paul in now!! (for the sake of USA and the rest of the world)
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