KIM kimberley diamond company nl.

has gem got the numbers

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    If memory serves me correctly,
    tomorrow (9 November) is the
    deadline for 90% of KIM shares
    to be in the GEM offer 'bag' to
    enable the takeover to go
    through on GEM's terms.

    Has anybody heard how close
    or distant GEM is from getting
    the 90% - or walking away?

    While I'm a great romantic,
    I can't support the belief
    a Knight in shining
    armour will appear
    in the last reel
    with a fat offer.

    GEM getting 90% has
    predictable consequences.
    Every holder gets 70 cents.

    GEM walking away could have
    unforseen consequences -
    expeciallly with the KIM
    board having created
    so much ill-will by
    kow towing to
    the GEM bid.
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