HHL 3.39% $2.85 hunter hall international limited

Has everyone missed HHL ....up from $5 to &.50 in

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    Hunter Hall Ltd (HHL) is the new Colonial First State. Remember when Colonial First State were small enough to invest ONLY is strongly up-trending stocks, not like today when they are forced to hold the dogs like CML TLS QBE etc.

    HHL control managed funds performing over 20% growth compounded over the last one, three and five years.....not bad when compared to the other funds.

    They are getting into superannuation funds later this year. Check out the chairman's report released two days ago, and try to convince yourself that they WON'T hit $15 shortly.

    Highly recommended by FatProphets who report that directors are still buying.

    Do your own research ... I did and I bought more shares.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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