has anyone seen the sbs on bush/evangelists last n

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    What a frightening situation you have in country which claims itself to be a DEMOCRACY when simply 80% of the evangelists can win the Presidentship! 80% of a paddock of sheep! This is not a democracy; it's a theocracy! This is not a rule by parliament but by a screaming pulpit! Not by I have read all the books and learned the sciences (a la Dr Faustus) but I have read THE BOOK (a la the Pope!)

    These wars we are witnessing seem to be exactly what Bush said they were: A religious crusade! And they are backed by huge financial corporations who, instead of using taxes to improve their respective society, they buy more and more arms to destroy the paddock across the road! Finance is used to prop up religion, not society's needs.
    Billions of dollars are given to evangelical "charities." So why is America in such a tight chokehold of poverty?
    Because those "charities" do little or nothing for the common man; they are simply used as money laundering exercises and then turned into fighting funds.
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