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has anyone read this article

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    The following are a couple of extracts from the following article. See link below.

    Very interesting!!!!!

    “The administrative procedure on declaring protected resource area is under way. Final results are not to be preconceived,” says Jakub Kaspar, spokesperson of the Ministry of Environment. In this case, however, they will have to accommodate Diamo because declaration of a protected resource area is requested by mining law.
    And for ecologists, it is precisely declaring the area to be a deposit which they view as the first step that leads to mining. “As soon as they declare a protected deposit area in Osecna, they storm in. It’s about business and big money. We cannot win the battle but we must fight,” says Jadrny from the Green Party which is organizing opposition demonstrations. The first one took place on 30 December; another one is planned for the first Saturday in February."

    "Already today there are 60 km² of a protected resource area round Straz pod Ralskem. Due to Diamo’s request, another 10 km² in the Osecna area are going to be added. This area, with underground deposits of ca 20 thousand tons of uranium, has an advantage of no mining history so far. It does not have to be redeveloped, unlike other neighboring locations, and potential mining would therefore be much easier. Diamo Deputy Böhm denies that this area should be the one to start with. Ecologists oppose this. Josef Jadrny from the Green Party is also afraid that after blocking all mining deposits, privatization of Diamo, the state enterprise, will follow. ”Today, Australians are already waiting here, who are immensely interested in mining,“ speculates Jadrny. This hypothesis is also denied by Diamo, even though they cannot complain about not having enough interested foreign investors."

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