SHN sherlock bay nickel corporation limited

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    The announcement shows that Mikayla was right and you are a fool for following them...

    "Sherlock’s Board has resolved to focus the main core activities of the Company on the Energy and Iron Ore sectors aimed at the strong demand in China for Energy and Iron Ore”."

    In other words, let me translate for you:

    "Whatever we've been telling shareholders and the market about our Sherlock Bay nickel project for the last few years is a LIE. It never had any potential, but of course we couldn't tell you that sine as board members we need to ensure our nice hefty paycheques! However, not to worry, we have just bought some rubbish in WA which I'm sure we can spin some BS about to ensure our paycheques keep coming in."

    Why dont you admit you were wrong about the nickel project Simbow?

    Like i said before tke your money, buy some IGR and you will hopefully get some of your losses back.

    Wonder if the Montagu broker was sacked...probly not, ptobly given a promotion.


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