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    According to CNN, the White House has just accepted the resignation of SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt.

    This removes another impediment in the way of the US re-asserting effective governance cocntrols.

    In addition to this, early poll projections are still making too close to call on the Senate outcome although I have ventured a 51:48:1 outcome in favour of the Republicans.

    With 34 out of 100 seats up for re-election, the Democrats went into Tuesday's election with 36 seats intact (ie: not up for re-election). The Republicans went in with 29 seats intact, and there was 1 Independent.

    In counting so far, CNN is projecting the Democrats with 42 (36 + 6), the Republicans with 37 (29 + 8), and Independents 1 (1 + nil).

    With 16% of votes counted, Georgia is looking a clear risk for the Democrats (ie: the Republican Senate candidate holds 55% of the counted votes).

    Louisiana is also at risk for the Democrats.

    Currently, I am counting it as Republicans 44 (29 + 15 claiamed or in lead), Democrats 43 (36 + 7), 11 seats still to be counted (ie: with nil counting so far), and 1 seat lineball (ie: Maine).

    Out of the 11 seats still to be counted, 6 are held by Republicans, and 5 by the Democrats (including in Minnesota where former VP Mondale is vying for election following the recent tragic death of Senator Wallstone).

    Maine is also currently held by the Republicans.

    If all these seats do not change hands, then the Republicans will end up with 51 seats, the Democrats 48 seats, and there will be one Independent.

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