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    i promised myself i would not post on the sbn thread again out of respect for the new holders and the change in direction off the company.

    as you know i was one off those long term, fortunately i got out at .08c, not without a painful loss of coarse.

    i remember you did call the siyi scam and plenty of other good calls.

    ahh they where the days when our intuition was saying no but the research brigade and the mf factor was very convincing.

    i did learn a lot from sbn and am a far better investor and trader because of it, so i take it as a price i had to pay for the experience.

    i wish you well harvett, hope things work out for you and hope to see you around the threads on other stocks soon.

    ps. has anyone spoken or seen the captain around, a great character he was.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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